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Why Ambassadors?

When you start surfing, you will look around in the lineup and glare around for a friendly face. You want to be a part of great, encouraging, supportive and good group. You want to reach out and connect with these mythical characters. There is something about surfing with other people that push you, that you can look up to and be inspired by that makes you want to be better yourself.

Our Surfd ambassadors comes from all walks of life. What matters to us is their connection and passion for the sea, the waves, the surf and sharing the stoke.

We sponsor their personality as much as we sponsor the fact they are fun to hang around with, sharing smiles and high fives; and their push and passion for the sport of surfing in Norway

We surf at some of the most northerly remote locations in the world, from snow and ice in winter to trunks in summer. Such a big variety gives a huge testing ground, and we can validate and refine products we believe in with our ambassadors.

Our ambassadors are willing to go any lengths to find uncrowded unchartered surf yet as amped to surf with friends and family at their local beach. Some are eagerly competing, other love the way of life and just want to freesurf. We are all different.

Humble, dedicated, experienced, great role models with a voice and a passion for surfing is what SURFD wants to support and share.

 Surfd is all about real people, real surfing and remembering to not lose track of why we all started – to have fun!