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The easy way to keep your wetsuit and gear dry.

Recycled Materials
c-monsta hangers are made from recycled plastic & our packaging is made from recyled cardboard to help reduce our environmental impact.

Dries Faster
c-monsta's unique hanger design keeps your kit separate and ventilated to dry faster - No more damp wetsuits or smelly boots!

Space Savin
By hanging your kit vertically it not only dries faster but saves you space as well! Simply hang it in the shower to dry then hang it in a cupboard for storage

Strong & Robus
Designed to last a lifetime, your c-monsta hanger is strong & robust, from our recycled plastic to the woven straps

May Contain Monsters...
We're not saying they're made from recycled bigfoot, yeti and the Loch Ness monster... But we're not saying they aren't..

Made in the UK
The entire hanger, including the buckle and strap are made in the UK. Even our recycled cardboard packing is made in the UK!

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