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Used Murdey Fish 5`6


NB! Vi sender kun brukte brett mot full betaling frakt. Frakt varierer.


Drop in and tune out. This classic Steve Lis inspired Fish has a a slight single concave flowing into pronounce V out the tail. Crisp edge running a solid third up the tail rail, trim action is what this board craves. Refurbished custom skate deck fins or Future K1/K2's.

SIZING 5'6"     FINS 2
FEATURED 5'6" X 21" X 2 5/8"


The shaper:

Hard to believe it's been over twenty years since that first surfboard off the side of the house growing up in Seattle. Little did I know the next two decades would be spent building snowboards, guitars, skateboards and surfboards.  It's the little things you learn over the years that make the biggest difference.  Or, as an old shop dog once said, "the more you know, the more you know you don't know." One thing I do know is you (the rider) has to be stoked on what is under your feet. Many different shapes and materials work, but what works best for you? I think all of us are always looking for that magic board, one that defines your own current moment in time and allows you to achieve your own personal freedom. When we close our eyes after a good session the snapshots remain, some of them for a lifetime. The idea is to build these moments like a deep quiver, all the while doing so with the utmost respect for other people and our natural surroundings. Thanks for taking the time to check us out. Remember, having a connection to your surfboard does matter. BUY LOCALLY

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