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Pyzel Pyzalien 2 5'10" - 28.9L

  • NOK 8.899,00

An amazing option for the One Board Quiver- The Pyzalien 2 is a fresh take on an older favorite!For years the original Pyzalien has been an all-time favorite mo

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An amazing option for the One Board Quiver- The Pyzalien 2 is a fresh take on an older favorite!

For years the original Pyzalien has been an all-time favorite model, so we decided to take a fresh approach to it and release the new and improved Pyzalien 2 for 2020.

Back when the Original came out it was a lot different than the shortboards of the time- wide point forward outline, wider overall in the nose, with the thickness flow pushed forward as well.  It was designed to be ridden shorter/wider than your normal boards, but still have the volume needed to make it work well in weaker waves.  10+ years later and the Pyzalien still looks a little different, but most modern shortboard designs have shifted in a similar direction.

The Pyzalien 2 works great in a huge variety of waves, from points to reefs to beach break, and has one of the most user friendly, yet high performance rockers we’ve made, smooth and clean, with med/low entry running through to med+ tail rocker. The bottom has a single concave starting in the nose, running under the front foot, blending into double concave and then VEE in the last 6 inches of the tail which adds release that helps ease you into turns. This rocker/bottom combo gives the board quick, effortless speed from take-off, while increasing the responsiveness and control, allowing for easier rail to rail transitions at high speeds.  The outline is clean and simple, no hips or wings just a  fuller nose and wider tail which keeps the board very fast and drivey,  making for easy flow through flatter sections. One of the biggest changes from the Original is a more domed deck with refined rails, so we recommend that you order it the same thickness, 1/4 to 1/2 inch wider and 2-3 inches shorter than your standard shortboard.  Comes standard with a clean swallow tail for added snappiness and spark!   This is a great Daily Driver board with a High Performance personality, built  for most  levels of surfer, from novice to Pro.

Board Dimensions:
Size Width Thickness Volume
5'10"x19 1/4"x2 3/8"=28.90 L
Board Features

Tail Shape:

Fin System:
Futures  5fin setup


Wave Size:
2 - 8 Ft

Skill Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

Wave Type:
Mushy Beach Break, All Types of Waves, Point Break , Beach Break, Reef Break  and Hollow Beach Break