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Now that we know surfing is not just a summer sport, we need to talk about softboards... with soft being the operative word! Whilst surfing is
not exactly a contact sport, it can be when you’re learning! So whether you’re a grom or an adult learner, this is the kind of craft you want to ride
your first waves on. And if you’re in it just for fun, then your surfing world is just about to be opened right up!


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Drone Ranger Soft Top

Please hook me up when this product is available!

Hank Dude Soft Top

NOK 3.699,00
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Boards in this category are generally made with an expanded polystyrene core (EPS) but the deck is wrapped in a layer of EVA rubber. That’s the stuff
your thongs (That’s sandals for the Americans, Slippers for the Hawaiians, Jandals for the Kiwis, Slops for the South Africans etc.) are made of, so it’s nice and soft. The bottom consists of a slick polyethylene plastic resin that is friction free and durable. The foam core will keep the board rigid and the plastic fins (that you can screw in and out with a 50c piece) will save you from any potential surf-ending fin chops. Some softboards will also give the option to drop in a real set of fins — the good kind of performance enhancers. Of course there is a little more tech that goes into this category, but we’ll get to that later.

If you want to turn the amusement level up a notch, you can always throw a fun board in the boot. There has been great strides made in this space, and nothing is too weird or whacky to walk down your local beach track with. Anything goes, from highly designed softboards with carbon stringers and real fins, to high profile shaper and surfer collaborations, to finless fun boards under 5ft.

This is the category you can transfer all of your learned skills over to... and take the seriousness right out of the picture. But best if you can ride the face of the wave before you expand your softboard quiver into this zone.

The softboard category has something for absolutely everyone, so there’s no reason stop at just one fun board! More boards in this space equals way more fun! Let’s go RYD some waves!