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Ryd Good Good Vibes 5.6ft 35.3L Aqua

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Vi har testet brettet! Skal du ha seriøst enkel og billig morro så er denne serien med småbrett helt genialt. Brettet tar bølger bare du kikker på dem, det var

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Vi har testet brettet! Skal du ha seriøst enkel og billig morro så er denne serien med småbrett helt genialt. Brettet tar bølger bare du kikker på dem, det var nesten som å rope "aport" til bikja. Kom innom showrommet vårt på Voll og lån ett med deg for å teste en dag med små bølger. Garantert høy fun factor og misunte blikk fra de andre som padler for harde livet uten å catche en eneste bølge mens du cruiser rundt dem. - Thomas Gausel Olsen

The Alt Range is the perfect blend between form and functionality. The refined shapes in our Alt Range offer performance in a variety of conditions. All boards have an EPS foam core, carbon fibre stringer, an epoxy glass bottom and a high performance fin system with leash plug and GoPro Mount.

The extra volume, coupled with a fairly flat rocker will see you racing along those flat sections with ease and you’ll find that speed generation will come naturally.  As far as fun factor is concerned, this one is near the top of the pile!

Also a good option to transition from after learning to surf before hitting a regular short board. The width and volume will help you catch heaps of waves, and the size and regular fins will give you the opportunity to hook into a few turns.

Fin box: Five fin, one-tab boxes

Fins:  Set of plastic fins supplied

EPS Foam core, carbon fibre stringer, slick bottom 


5’6” x 22” x 2.5” - Liters: 35.3


IXPE| EVA top deck pad

RYD Softboards come with a soft IXPE or EVA full top deck pad. These pads have been designed with not just comfort in mind but also grip and safety.

Leash plug

Each RYD softboard comes standard with a leash plug, much like a fibreglass or epoxy board so that you can attached a leash to it and hit the waves in safety.

Action Camera Mount

We install a custom FCS compatible plug on all our softboards. This plug is compatible with all generations of fittings for GoPro cameras.

Double| Triple Stringer

Our True and Layback Softboards have double or triple stringers depending on the size of the board. 8 and 9′ boards have triple stringers to ensure strength and durability.

Close Cell EPS

We use high grade EPS foam core with all our boards. These cores are 100% closed cell which means that they have a high level of water repellent properties.

Easy Carry Handle

Our ergonomically designed handle makes it easier to carry your board to and from the water. With its grooved design, your hand will grip the board to allow minimal fatigue while getting to the water’s edge. Great for groms and those with shorter arms who cannot fit boards under their arms.


Be aware not to leave your gear baking in the sun for lengthy periods of time, whether direct or in a closed vehicle. The heat and UV rays will destroy everything over time. Your board (like your skin) will last longer and perform better with protection.


All RYD Soft Boards are guaranteed for 6 months against any defects in materials and workmanship. This does not include damage due to abuse or natural wear and tear. To make a claim, return product and sales receipt to the place of purchase.

Short but stable

Then there’s something different, something that would have been unthinkable before the move to ever-shorter boards. You might be familiar with the soft-top. Early versions used to be low-quality foam with a bamboo core and would typically only last the length of a holiday before becoming waterlogged. Developments have seen epoxy-bottomed longboards come into vogue as a beginner’s ride but they’re not called logs for nothing. They’re easy to stand on but hard to turn.

Making a soft-top smaller and easier to ride for someone with a bit of experience is something that local manufacturer Ryd (with their Good Good Vibes model in my specific case) has gone and done. A melding of a beginner’s soft-top with modern shortboard design has resulted in an extremely short board — 5’2″, or smaller than the average Grade 8 student — that performs far better than your brain says is possible. Everything about the board, from its extra width and thickness (for buoyancy) to the shallow fish tail and the quad-fin setup is designed to allow for easy takeoff in small conditions, waves without much power behind them, and fairly hollow, fast-breaking surf. Modern soft-tops don’t need these factors — they perform admirably in larger conditions as well, going rail-to-rail with a speed that will take your breath away. They also (I’m told) do very well in the barrel in conditions up to about six foot.

In very practical terms, boards like these will take off on the ripples generated by someone sneezing hard at the back line. Really. I used this one in smaller surf where even the folks riding longboards were having hassles taking off and the result was a wave that looked so fun from the beach that people with no hope of taking off would paddle out — only to leave soon after when they realised that they didn’t have the right gear for the conditions. I also got more than a few neat freefalls when the surf picked up and started closing out, scaring nearby bathers in the process. Honestly? These little soft-tops are more than worth the price of admission, providing one of the most fun rides you’ll ever experience.

t’s not all about surfboard shapes and composition, though those factors certainly are major contributors, particularly on the soft-top. Cheaper model boards of that type often come with very cheap plastic fins which can alter performance. Dramatically. Instead this quad-fin is specced for Futures fins (one of the main removable fin standards available ). As with most tech, you get what you pay for. Running on the boards above is a combination of the Futures AM1 BlackStix designed for softer waves (and therefore perfect for summer) and the Futures QD2 Quad BlackStix Rear which have carbon fibre tips. Compare their performance to the sort of thing you can pick up at the Spar in a coastal town and you’ll see why they’re priced the way they are. This lot are all made for speed generation in smaller conditions, an important consideration when surfing South Africa in the middle of summer. Cheap plastic fins that just barely hold you on the face… don’t stand a chance. But, with this arrangement of surfing kit, nor do the waves at your local break.

If you’re a surf school and are interested in talking to us about boards for your business – send us an email at [email protected]

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