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Skal man velge Epoxy eller Polyester ?


Which surfboard repair kit you should choose depends on the blank material your surfboard is based on. Most boards are based on Polyurethan (PU) and are laminated with polyester resin. For PU boards use our red polyester surfboard repair kit, however you can also use the blue epoxy repair kit. 

NB! If you have an epoxy  board based on expanded Polystyren (EPS) or extruded Polystyren (IX-PS, XPS), use the blue Epoxy surfboard repair kit. Polyester might eat a hole in your Polystyren blank!

For WAVE-, WIND-, KITE-, and SUP Surfboards            


On this page, we show you how to do professional surfboard ding repair. You have a choice of surfboard ding repair video tutorials and articles. You also find the original instructions of our surfboard polyester and epoxy surfboard repair kit.

Tao is showing you how to fix a broken surfboard nose (nose ding). With our large surfboard ding repair kit (polyester and epoxy) you have all you need to repair your surfboard like a pro!

This tutorial shows Tao giving a step by step instruction how to fix a broken future fin plug with our BIG DING surfboard repair kit. It’s easier than you think to get it done like a pro.


INSTRUCTIONS surfboard repair tutorial 

Mix A (Polyester) For a half filled cup of resin give about 10 drops hardener and stirr well. surfboard repair tutorial
Mix A (Epoxy) Mix the Hardener and the Resin in ratio 1:2 using the Measurmentlines of the mixing cup. surfboard repair tutorial
Mix B Use mixture_A and add microballons until the mix is viscous. 

Dry the board and allow any absorbed water to evaporate.

Clean Cut away any loose bits of fiberglass. If the fiberglass is cracked but in place, do not remove it. Sand 3 cm around the ding using the rough sanding paper. 

Mask and fill Fix a piece of foil with the tape to create a sidewall and fill it slowly with your prepared mixture_B. 

Dry and sand Let it dry. Remove the tape and try to rebuilt the old shape by sanding with rough paper. 

Glass Cut a piece of glass and fix it with tape 2 cm around the ding. Spread mixture_A using a piece of carton and squeeze a little. Use 2 layers of glass. 

Top coat Dry untill it`s sticky and remove the tape. Spread mixture_A 1 cm overlapping the glass structure. 

Sand Let it dry well. Sand the ding using the range of sanding paper. To optimize the result, spread mixture_A again and sand well. 

Finish Finish with fine wet sanding paper. 

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