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USED Divine 6.5ft swallow tail 36.5L

  • NOK 2.500,00

Divine 6.5ft 20 1/2 x 2 1/2 36.5LKommer med finner FCS1About the shaper:Paulo do Bairro is one of two great names of one of the most important generations of su

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Divine 6.5ft 20 1/2 x 2 1/2 36.5L

Kommer med finner FCS1

About the shaper:

Paulo do Bairro is one of two great names of one of the most important generations of surfers in Portugal, the first “cam” of professional surfers in Portugal. This group of talented surfers has been in prominence since the early 1990s, with a domain that lasted for almost two decades and whose impact is still visible today. It was with Polen factory that Paulo made his first final on the national circuit, in 1992, a result that practically launched his career. Shortly after he became sponsored by the brand, a league that lasted many years and had very remarkable moments. 

Despite his success as a surfer, Paulo do Bairro has always maintained a strong connection to the industry, more specifically to the production of boards, acquiring a lot of knowledge over more than 30 years in frequenting factories as a patron and worker. The evolution for the shaper was predictable, and in 2007 he started his first job, dedicating himself more seriously to this profession a few years later.

For his time, Polen had a substantial growth, not only in Portugal as in the rest of Europe, and that created a strong need to continue to increase Polen team. Polen began to search for someone who saw no contribution to the production such as increasing the Polen product line, which was only seen as a reference in the community and industry. This seeks to raise Paulo do Bairro, who returns to Polen, but this time as a shaper, surfer and above all a member of this great family.

USED Aloha Bean 6.2ft 32.8L

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USED Divine Fish

NOK 2.000,00

Used Murdey Fish 5`6

NOK 3.700,00

Used MG El Pescado 5.9ft 33.2L

NOK 8.900,00 NOK 3.500,00