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Lunasurf Mens All 4mm Hooded Yamamoto Wetsuit

  • NOK 4.699,00
  • NOK 3.289,30

Vil du ha smidighet, fleksibilitet, padle enklere med mindre motstand, så er dette definitivt den varmeste våtdrakten for nordiske høst mot vinter og tidlig ses

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Vil du ha smidighet, fleksibilitet, padle enklere med mindre motstand, så er dette definitivt den varmeste våtdrakten for nordiske høst mot vinter og tidlig sesongstart forhold.
Selv kan innehaver av Surfd.no bekrefte at denne drakten ble benytttet gjennom hele vinteren. Med noen unntak i januar og februar, da vi hadde en kuldebølge i Norge 2021. 4mm ble rett og slett for tynt mot rygg og nyrer, brukte derfor 6/4mm i disse månedene. 

Ingenting mikk makk, ingenting "best award winning" Ingen "prebooking"
Bare bra funksjonalitet, det funker. Vi selger det vi har på lager, som sørger for å holde deg varm i havet gjennom vinteren.

Kun best funksjonalitet, den beste neoprenen det er å oppdrive. Kjør denne med våre egne designede våtdraktsko i 8mm, og våre egne designede hansker i 4mm eller lobster hanske i 7mm til vinteren. Og du har en god pakke som vil holde deg varm.

  • 100% Premium Japanese Limestone neoprene
  • Thermal Hood, Chest, Back and Crotch
  • Quick Dry Lining
  • Internally Sealed with 4 Way Stretch Tape
  • Glued and Blind Stitched
  • Lip Warmer
  • Dislocating Slant Zip
  • Sealed Wrists

Model wears: LT  (6'1  - 83KG)

100% Yamamoto Neoprene
We only use Yamamoto Neoprene - Why is this important?

Yamamoto began producing wetsuits in 1961, offering the first wetsuit material in Japan that combined both high functionality and flexibility at a time when wetsuits were primarily composed of the heavy and stiff rubber. Early customers included Japan’s Defense Agency and the famous female oyster divers of Japan’s fishing industry. These customers sought a wetsuit that allowed for greater mobility underwater, improved heat retention and a better wearing experience. A unique rubber material was developed and patented to resolve these problems. Japanese Neoprene is the worlds best. LIMESTONE NEOPRENE The major raw material of this Yamamoto rubber is limestone collected at Mt. Kurohime in Niigata Prefecture. This limestone originates from magma of a volcano eruption in the sea near the Island of Hawaii about 80 million years ago.

Yamamoto Technical Features


Yamamoto Corporation’s neoprene rubber is classified as “chloroprene rubber.” The special rubber incorporates an independent closed cell structure which adds high functionality including super light weight, high heat‐retention with good flexibility neoprene.


The closed cells are packed together at an extremely high density and each individual cell is filled with nitrogen gas to prevent water penetration and increase heat retention. The nitrogen closed cell content is over 93% — over 30% higher than most competing materials — and with virtually no water absorption means the weight of this rubber remains nearly identical in wet or dry conditions, giving you more warmth than thicker wetsuits without the weight.


Virtually no water absorption means the weight of this wetsuit remains nearly identical in wet or dry conditions, giving you more warmth than thicker wetsuits without the weight


  • Is a 4mm Hooded okay for Norwegian Winters?

    Yes the 4mm hooded was designed for UK winters. Men and Women in Iceland, Norway and Scotland are doing full winters purely in the Lunasurf all 4mm hooded wetsuit. If you are prone to the cold you could always opt for the Lunasurf 5.4mm or 6.4mm hooded wetsuit.

  • Is my wetsuit fitting right?

    A wetsuit is supposed to be tight, skin tight. But not so tight that your range of motion is inhibited or restricts your breathing. The sleeves (if full-length) should fall at the wrist bone and the legs just above the ankle, and there should be no gaps, pockets, or rolls of neoprene. Wetsuits are meant to be form fitting. You don’t want loose folds of neoprene, or large pockets of air or water in your wetsuit.

  • Do Wetsuits Stretch with use?
    When you are first trying it on dry it is important to understand that once a wetsuit has been used a few times it will loosen up and feel more comfortable. With use the wetsuit will stretch to your body becoming form fitting.

  • What countries do you ship to?

    We offer FREE standard shipping worldwide on all wetsuits. You will also have the option to upgrade to premium DHL paid service for an express delivery.


    Yes we offer a 12 month warranty on materials and manufacturing, We do not cover misuse, fin cuts or any damage caused by hitting the reef.

  • Why do my wrists feel tight?

    We have designed our wetsuit wrists to prevent flushing or ripping (when wearing thick 7mm gloves/mitts). This means initially they could feel tight but they will loosen with use. You can also gently pull the wrists to widen/loosen.

  • I have long hair will it fit in the hood?

    Yes it will fit in the hood. The most comfortable way is with a low bun rather than on the top of the head.

  • How do i care for my wetsuit?

    Wash it out with clean, cold water after every surf. Hang dry from the waist try to avoid hanging from the shoulders on a hanger. Don't dry it out in direct sunlight, Don't machine wash/dry, Don't use detergents.

  • Can i return my wetsuit?

    Yes providing that the wetsuit has NOT been used or damaged. You are welcome to swap sizes if you didn't get it right first time. Return postage is your responsibility

  • How do wetsuits work?

    Lunasurf Wetsuits are awesome things, with today’s technology we can stay warm and have fun in the coldest of conditions. You can feel light, loose and warm unlike the wetsuits of yesteryear. Our wetsuits are 100% made using only the best Yamamoto Japanese limestone based neoprenes. That are then lined with a water/wind repelling buttery, stretchy lining that insulates you from the cold water water, air temps and winds. Your Wetsuit is made up of panels of Neoprene. Wetsuits are not designed to keep you entirely dry. A small amount of water gets trapped between your body and the neoprene. Your body temperature then heats up this small amount of water giving you a nice warm feeling. This is why finding the correct fitting Wetsuit is absolutely essential. Heat does eventually escape through the neoprene but very much like clothing the thicker the Neoprene the warmer you will be.